I believe the EDM (Electric Dance Music) scene is one of the greatest mission fields of our day. It’s like the hippie movement, but even more intense and it’s global. It’s like the good ole “rock & roll” movement has evolved & been put on steroids for this last days generation…

The music is incredible (I personally enjoy it), but the lifestyle & spirituality that typically follows this scene is very dangerous… People who have been caught into the spiritual side of this movement have had their lives shattered (i’ve talked & ministered to MANY of them).

This scene promises peace love unity and respect, but in the end, people get their life’s chewed up and spit out through the deceptive spirituality & the toxic sexual drug culture that follows …

The spirituality that follows the music festival scene is a counterfeit to what God wants to, & is about to do through true worship around the globe…

Let’s face it, this generation is longing for a spiritual experience, but what they’re really looking for is found in the presence of God by having a real love relationship with God through Jesus.

So, I believe the church needs to rise up and crush the counterfeit and give this generation & the nations what there truly longing for, which is true spirituality through Christ.

We saw the Jesus people movement rise up in the midst of the drug/musical hippie movement in the 70’s & a powerful worship revival hit the United States with multitudes coming to Christ. The music in the Jesus people movement was similar in style to the hippie movement, but they worshiped Jesus and not weird/false eastern religions like the hippies did.

I believe, now we are going to see the church rise up to see global night and day worship festivals in the midst of this last days emerging “EDM & music festival scene generation”…

👉 In reality, this generation is looking for what King David experienced thousands of years ago In his 24/7 tabernacle/tent in Jerusalem Israel. It was a place where the Multitudes came & worshiped & connected to God “night and day” in a heavenly encounter which David described to be a type of ecstasy in his spiritual songs recorded in the book of psalms in the Bible.
👆 Sounds like david had an “Ecstasy” experience when he encountered the Glory of God (the manifest presence of God) through pure worship.

Here’s some examples:

Psalms 16:11
“You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore”


Psalms 26:8
“O LORD, I love the habitation of your house and the place where your glory dwells.”

👆 Sounds like David had an “Ecstasy” experience when he encountered the Glory of God (the manifest presence of God) through pure worship.
…. And this was without having to take any destructive drugs.

But unfortunately right now this generation is encountering & engaging in a counterfeit from hell that is destroying their lives.

Church, We need to change this with true worship!!!!

My prayer is that the heart & the tabernacle of David would arise, the place (large or small) where a generation can gather to worship God in spirit and in truth & Encounter the pure & true love of the living God & the love & unity of His global family (the church)…

Check out this bible prophecy about David’s tabernacle:

Amos 9:11
“In that day I will restore the Tabernacle of David and repair its ruins…. So that the rest of mankind may seek the Lord”

Keep in mind, The focus will be on the True and living God & His goodness & righteous ways, not some false god, Extra terrestrial, alien mysticism, deceptive Fantasy that drugged out New Age-ers foolishly Chase…

The rising up of David’s tent/tabernacle includes all kinds of creative music & instruments used to worship God.

Pure worship is used to get our hearts right with God, connect with Him & experience heaven in earth.

Yes I believe this does include EDM & all genres of music, except country music… (Jk, I suppose God likes country music too, but not me 😬😜)

But in all seriousness, pure worship where the glory of God is present is the closest we can get to heaven on earth. This is why David was obsessed with it & he pitched a tent of worship that went 24/7, 365 with all kinds of music & instruments praising God…

I am convinced, what David tapped into through worship & music is the “True Ecstasy” this generation is searching for in this hour of great anxiety & pressure.

& this is why king David was so obsessed with connecting to God through music & pure worship. He discovered the path of life & fullness of joy, never ending pleasures in God’s presence through worship. Wow!

Church – it’s time we rise & lead the way for this lost & searching generation to experience the true & living God through heavenly worship.

I believe EDM & other genre artists are going to arise & release music that brings people into a heavenly encounter with the living God & the spiritual connecting point will be Jesus, not aliens & false gods…

This lost generation is waiting for us to show them the way home!

Let’s Go!

Joshua Lindquist