KENYA 2021 –
GLOBAL STREET REVIVALISTS CONVERGE ~ This has been an incredible trip with many world shakers coming together! On this trip we saw Revivalists converge from about 8 different nations to impact Kenya with the gospel!

♥️ My heart was leaping as I witnessed leaders from very significant movements around the world unite and cross pollinate & learn from one another & join forces together for the harvest…

Together we touched the heart of God in the secret place. We saw many come to Jesus & get baptized! Many set free of demons & many miracles!

🔥We saw the markets & streets lit on fire for Jesus and villages turn to Christ and filled with the joy of the gospel!

All for Gods glory 🙇‍♂️ !

I love everyone of these warriors and I would do this again with them over and over again!

I’m looking forward to when we can do this again in another nation!!!!

👉God is building a global family of revivalist that will join together to bring in the final harvest. The harvest is ripe & the hour is late 🌾🌾🌾

Yes, There were leaders representing many movements & nations involved in this Kenya trip. We were all spreading our spiritual DNA. But ultimately we joined together, laid down our ministry brand, to lift up one King & build one Kingdom!

Such a life-changing trip with reps from these ministries:
@bjourn Kamau

& 8 nations represented:

🙏Thank you for your prayers and support!