Joshua Lindquist Young Boy Gets Saved


Joshua travels to over 10 countries a year preaching the gospel & spreading global revival. He goes to many places throughout the year that can even not afford to give him a dime for ministering as he follows Jesus command to “preach the gospel to the poor”. This would not be possible without your prayer and financial support.

If you would like to send Joshua forward & support his missionary journeys then just click the secure tax-deductible link! (You can view our vision below)  Give through PayPal, or with credit/debit card. For convenience, you can also set up a monthly payment for ongoing support!

Donate by check

Make checks payable to “Global Revival Harvest” and address and mail envelope to: Global Revival Harvest, c/o Curt Olejnicak, 3400 Brookview Drive, Burnsville, MN 55337. (Curt is our financial officer). All donations are tax dedectible.

Donate Physical Assets

If you are interested in donating property, stock or physical assets like gently used laptops and smartphones for overseas missionaries contact us HERE for more information. All donations are tax dedectible.

Global Revival Harvest 2023 Vision

The 2023 vision is to focus on these 7 main areas

1). Traveling & ministering within the USA and nations spreading global revival

2). Uniting ministries & leaders & conducting citywide gospel “harvest gatherings” around the world

3). Developing & investing in tent making businesses for missionaries “harvest businesses”

4). Encouraging and helping form missionary bases all around the world “harvest bases”

5). Helping launch missionary movements around the world “harvest movements”

6). Serving the poor & helping street kids get off the streets in the nations of the earth

7). Overall, calling the global church back to her first love and to unite & press in together complete the great commission.