🙇‍♂️♥️🔥🇧🇷 THIS IS WILD!!!
HOMELESS MAN RECEIVES JESUS, GETS DELIVERED OF DEMONS & STARTS SPEAKING IN TONGUES IN SANTA MARIA, BRAZIL – We ran into a homeless man as we were walking out of church that I preached at last night… I was speaking about the church getting out of the four walls & going The poor, the broken & the needy with the pure Isaiah 61 gospel…
We were dead tired (ministering & traveling) for days non stop) but we felt it was a divine appt to run into him & so we shared the gospel with this beautiful man !
He received Jesus !
🙏Then We Prayed with him
💥 Demons started coming out of him (see video) & he got set free
Next day we met with him, fed him & we were working on getting him into a home & program to get off drugs & get discipled
🙏 We prayed for him again
This time,
He said he felt like some thing unexplainable was about to happen to him…. He felt like he was about to speak another language & Hebrew was about to come out of his mouth…. We said let it out!
💥 Moments later he started speaking in tongues (see video) !!!!!!!
Tears of life & love began to flow down his cheeks!
He later told us he was sad because he did not become a Christian earlier in his life…. but we told him that God would restore what was lost in his life!!!
🔥This beautiful man is kingdom treasure!
🔥This is what I live for!
🔥This is the pure gospel !
Matt 24:14
“This gospel will be preached to the ends of the earth & then The end will come”
♥️🌎🌎🌎 🙌
Church, There are millions of hurting people just like him that are waiting for us!!! Let’s Stop hiding in the building & go bring the good news to them!
👉Lets go preach the gospel with power & Love & bring God’s lost son’s & daughter’s home!!!!