On this trip to Brazil they took me to a small village with people who are struggling with poverty, brokenness & difficult circumstances. I was sooo happy they took me there! Going to the villages is one of my very favorite things to do… Because, the people you find in the villages are just so beautiful. Such amazing hearts!

They love it when people come from another country or city to spend time with them & love them…

They are also extremely open to the gospel.

Unfortunately a lot of the “big name ministers” only wanna spend time on the “big name platforms” where they can get a “big check” so they can continue to grow “their big ministry”

But I’m afraid with the “big”systems we have built that many are missing the true gospel…

Isaiah 61 and Jesus declares: “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon Me because he’s anointed me to bring good news to the POOR”

How many “big-name preachers” are willing to consistently take time away from the platform and spend time in the village with the poor? with the hurting, & with the broken?

😔 Sadly, I know very few that do this consistently

Many chase after big platforms & temporal treasure & honor & neglect the eternal treasure & honor of loving & reaching hurting & searching souls for Christ.

I can assure you that you would not find Jesus speaking much on big platforms. (I’m not saying big platforms are all bad, I speak there at times too).

But I’m Saying, the village & troubled places is where you would probably find Jesus most if he was on earth today.

He would be there loving the people, spending time with them, eating food with them, laughing with them, praying with them, encouraging them, breaking darkness off of them and sharing the good news of eternal life with them.

Jesus said in Matthew 25 “whatever you’ve done to the least of these, you have done it to me!”

God loves hurting, broken people. He loves the “least of these”… So should we!

🔥 Let’s re-kindle a passion for a missions movement that will take the fire from the big meetings & reach the lost at the very ends of the earth.

This is the pure gospel.

This is the heart of God!

Merry Christmas!