One World Religion & The Antichrist

ONE WORLD RELIGION & THE ANTICHRIST ~ A one world religion claiming where “all roads lead to heaven” will pave the way for a one world government that will set the stage for the Antichrist... If you love truth (Jesus), you must reject the one world religion, no matter how popular the “all roads lead [...]

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Need Encouragement?

 NEED ENCOURAGEMENT??  WATCH THIS FOR PERSPECTIVE!!! IF YOUR ANXIOUS ABOUT WHATS GOING DOWN, THEN, IT’S TIME TO SEEK THE LORD!!!... IF YOU LIVE IN MN, YOU CAN COME TO Love Twin Cities AT THE FIREBASE located at: 3041 Fourth Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55408....  They are doing worship prayer and outreach in the midst of everything 8am-Midnight Everyday... [...]

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Minnesota Kingdom Warriors

MINNESOTA KINGDOM WARRIORS - Tomorrow (Halloween) launches 1 week of non stop 24/7 worship, prayer & evangelism at the Firebase in Minneapolis getting ready for possible election response upheaval... Dozens of churches & ministries will be gathering together with hundreds of believers to fill our cities night & day with the presence of God & [...]

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